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Citrus BeadRetreats

Citrus Bead Retreat


The excursions/day trips included in the retreat are suitable

for people who are unable to walk long distances.

Bead Retreat
February 21st-March 3rd, 2025


Airport transfer


Meals: breakfast

Transport by touring bus

Classes + kits (only for beaders)

Group excursions / activities

Tickets for all scheduled activities



Visa and insurance charges

Any item of personal nature like tips,   beverages,

laundry, telephone calls, taxi , tickets etc

Security deposit if is required by hotels (refundable)

February 21th- March 3rd, 2025

This unique retreat is set in Menton, a beautiful town located between Italy and Monaco, just 2 km away from the French-Italian border. The city boasts a unique hybrid culture, with many residents fluent in both French and Italian and many restaurants serving a delicious fusion of both national cuisines. You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this cultural blend and enjoy the scrumptious results of this culinary fusion. Menton, known as the Pearl of France, rivals the more celebrated coastal villages of the French Riviera in terms of allure and splendor. The breathtaking coastal views, bustling streets, and rich history are sure to pique your curiosity and inspire your journey. This small, charming coastal town has narrow winding streets that lead to several cafes, restaurants, and small gift shops, offering a wealth of local products based on the town's symbol: lemons. During the retreat, we will leisurely explore the town and its vibrant houses, enchanting staircases, intricate stone mosaics, captivating ceramic murals, and serene gardens, providing you with the perfect blend of relaxation and cultural immersion.



Facing the Mediterranean Sea, the hotel where you will be staying will offer you great comfort, an unforgettable view of the sea, a restaurant where you can have a hearty breakfast and a wellness center.



Back in 1895, a visionary group of hoteliers in Menton, driven by a desire to provide winter entertainment for the city, proposed to the municipality the idea of a big parade. In 1929 a hotelier has the idea of ​​organizing an exhibition of flowers and citrus fruits in the gardens of the Hotel Riviera. The success was such that the following year, the party went out into the streets: carts with bushes planted with oranges and lemons moved along with charming ladies. The municipality, wanting to develop tourism, tries to give the parade a typical local color. A few years later, the first citrus and flower exhibition is launched in the city's central park. In this way, in 1934, the Lemon Festival was born.

Menton Lemon Festival

The festival celebrates the annual production of specialty lemons and other citrus fruits in Menton, a tradition that has been a part of the town's identity for over a century. It is commemorated with the construction of lemon and orange sculptures and floats decorated with lemons that are paraded through the streets with folk groups and baton-swinging majorettes. This event not only attracts visitors from around the world but also brings the local community together, fostering a sense of pride and unity. 


MONACO - Monaco is a tiny yet fascinating independent state that is ruled by Prince Albert II, the son of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace. The country is a paradise for the wealthy and is home to some of the most affluent individuals in the world. The luxurious yachts that can be seen dotting the port give a good indication of the city's wealth and extravagance.

Nice Carnaval

NICE - At the same time with Lemon Festival in Menton, here is held the Nice Carnival. It is considered the third-largest carnival in the world, after Rio de Janeiro’s and Venice’s.

Every year, many floats are adorned and animated under the theme of the season, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of street art troupes and musical groups from diverse backgrounds, spanning the globe. Actresses in unique costumes parade on flower-decorated floats, showering the public with petals. A total of 250,000 stems of flowers and 20 tonnes of mimosas are distributed to the public, adding to the sensory delight.


French Riviera

DAY TRIP ON FRENCH RIVIERA - Embark on an unforgettable day trip aboard a coach along the magnificent French Riviera. You will be seduced by the timeless splendor of the Mediterranean landscape, the beautiful French towns, and the panoramic views of some iconic locations. 

You will discover a myriad of attractions, from stunning old villas and mansions that harken back to another era, to the vibrant coastal towns that buzz with life.

The region also has a fantastic microclimate, which allows avid gardeners to plant tropical plants from all over the world, creating botanical gardens that beautifully complement the villas.



Star Blossom Bracelet

While exploring the festival and taking in the sights and sounds of the beautiful surroundings, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with two of the most talented and experienced instructors:

Kinga Bledsoe & Gail Crosman Moore

Gail will teach you how to create 3D felted components and embellish them, which can be incorporated in countless ways. You will also learn about creating and embellishing paper clay components. 

Once you have created your unique and beautiful focal with Gail, Kinga will guide you in designing exquisite bead-embroidered pieces with your new creations. If you are intimidated by design, don't worry. This is an excellent learning opportunity, and Kinga is more than happy to help you create a stunning piece featuring your own focal.

The workshop is suitable for all skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, everyone is welcome to join in on this exciting journey of creativity and inspiration.

Star Blossom Bracelet

Star Blossom



- 3580 EURO for BEADER

- 3310 EURO for traveling companion (this price applies only to 1 companion)

Deposit:  a 500 EURO deposit is required to hold your seat (250 euro non-refundable if you cancel)

Payment schedule:

- The second payment of 2000 EURO is due by July 15th, 2024

- The full payment is due by October 1st, 2024

Accommodation: the price is based on a double-occupancy room in a hotel. Supplement of +810 EURO is applicable for a single room (based on availability)

We encourage you to bring a traveling companion along.

Registration: to register for the retreat, please fill out the registration form and pay the required deposit.  Kindly note that registration without a deposit is not valid and doesn't guarantee a seat.

We will send you the event schedule via email.

Please keep us informed of any changes to your email address, as we will periodically send you information about the retreat.

Payment options: payment can be made through PayPal or by card.

Payments via PayPal can be made to the email address :

Registration will be processed in the order received. There are a limited number of seats available. Once your deposit is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive the confirmation within 48 hours, please contact us.


Cancellation Policy:

We would like to inform you that we are not responsible for any cancellations you make for any reason.

However, if you decide to cancel your reservation before February 15th, 2024 (included) you will be refunded with the amount received from you (except 250 EURO non-refundable). If you cancel after February 15th, 2024 you will be refunded the amount paid, less 500 EURO

If you cancel your reservation after Mary 1st, 2024, we cannot issue any refunds.

If the organizer needs to cancel the event, all the money received from you will be refunded in full.​

Other information:

The price doesn't include Paypal/Card fees.

Registrations made without paying the deposit will be considered null and void.

Availability of single rooms is limited. Please get in touch with us before registering to check availability.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the retreat if deemed necessary. However, you will be notified in advance of any such changes.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse services.

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel Insurance.

Menton Lemon Festival

The Lemon Festival, a carnival dedicated to citrus fruits since 1934, is a testament to the boundless creativity and resourcefulness of humanity. It's a colossal undertaking, involving approximately 400 dedicated workers who meticulously plan, design, and construct fruit sculptures using a staggering 140 tonnes of lemons and oranges each year. 

Each year, the festival picks a new theme, like 'Cinema' or 'Fairy Tales, and the whole town comes alive with incredible citrus sculptures and decorations inspired by these themes. We're talking about massive, jaw-dropping displays made entirely of lemons and oranges – some as tall as buildings!

Menton Lemon Festival

The celebration takes place every year from mid-February to early March. It brings together many festival-goers from all walks of life who come to have fun alongside the fanfare and folk groups that twirl, zigzag, and dance between the floats to create the atmosphere. Over 200,000 visitors worldwide attend this famous festival in South France during the two weeks. 

The festival is a kaleidoscope of events, each more captivating than the last. From the awe-inspiring citrus sculptures, the vibrant night parades with their dazzling lights and music, to the golden fruit day parades celebrating the harvest, the Arts and Crafts Show showcasing local talent, and the Orchid Festival with its stunning display of flowers, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

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