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2024 exciting new adventures!

Updated: May 12

Some of you may have followed along on our 2023 European bead retreat here and on Facebook. We had a great time and saw amazing sights- a trip that I will never forget. We traveled to France, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Italy! I took so many pictures, I am not sure I have room for any more on my computer!!

But I am here to tell you about our new bead retreat in June 2024. Helena Tang Lim and I will be traveling with you (and teaching beading projects of course!) to Copenhagen, Berlin and Prague. To avoid packing up every night and moving to a new place, we will use these 3 cities as bases and take some day trips from there.

Oh yeh- did I mention bead factories?? Yes, while we are in Prague, that will be one of our day trips. This past year, we visited 2 bead factories, and it was so cool!. I knew how seed beads were made before I went (or at least I had read about it)- but to see it in person was so interesting! After seeing the seed beads and faceted crystals made- I will never complain about the price of beads again! It really made me appreciate the work that goes into making them.

Haven't you always wanted to bury your feet

in a tub of beads?! Mika did!

I have never visited Copenhagen or Berlin- but I have been watching all sorts of YouTube videos about these cities. The more I watch, the more excited I become. There seems to be something for everyone! My favorite things are exploring art museums, churches and cathedrals, food!, and just walking around exploring the cities. Looks like there will be a lot to keep me happy.

Now, if you want to go, but are worried because you don’t have anyone to go with, let me reassure you-you may arrive alone, but I guarantee you will soon find a group of new friends with the other retreat attendees. After all, you already have something big in common, right? BEADS!!!

So come join us for a super adventure! Register soon before this sells out.

I almost forgot- I have finished my beading project for the class I will teach. This cuff is fun and easy! You may even finish it during class. More info on this project coming soon!

And don’t forget to check out Helena’s beautiful necklace project. Wow! Looks like it will be a real beading adventure as well as a travel adventure.

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