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Bead Retreat - Christmas Markets Tour with Betty Stephan

Updated: May 12

Join us and discover the magical world of Christmas markets in Europe.

In this retreat, we will visit the most romantic Christmas markets in Europe. 

The twinkling lights, snowy roofs, the smell of caramelized punches and almonds, steaming chestnuts, ripe apples and mulled wine will captivate your senses,  and the gingerbread hearts, biblical figurines, Christmas tree decorations, toys and fluffy knitwear will be perfect as a souvenir or gift for your loved ones.

If you read Hans Christian Andersen's stories as a child, you will easily remember the beautiful moments that transported you to a fairy tale world. Well, the Christmas market in Strasbourg will offer you the same experience. With a setting straight out of a fairy tale book, the city is a place full of magic around every corner.

You will find something for all tastes: snow globes, wooden carved objects, handmade candles, handmade decorations, jewelry, dolls and carefully crafted knitwear. And when you are tired, everywhere you will find a place to stop to drink a cup of mulled wine and taste the artisanal cookies, almonds and roasted chestnuts.

In Prague, every year a huge fir tree is brought from the Sumava mountains, and at dusk, a curtain of light covers it, to the delight of passers-by. The city resounds with festive music. Churches or former monasteries are transformed into halls for carol, organ or symphony concerts. You can try the tasty truhlik (pastries) or you can enjoy a glass of mulled wine or warm honey liqueur, while the blacksmith makes you a unique souvenir, to always remind you of this Christmas.

You will also find traditional wooden souvenirs, decorative candles, Christmas ornaments, pottery, jewelry, glassware, embroidered lace, wooden toys, candles, Christmas tree ornaments, winter hats and gloves, and dolls dressed in traditional costumes.

Vienna is considered to have the most famous Christmas market in Europe. Charming lights, vibrant atmosphere, carols and traditional dishes outline the ideal landscape for lovers of winter holidays. A real Wonderland with beautifully decorated wooden houses, huge Christmas trees, handmade decorations, ceramics, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gingerbread, cream pudding, mulled wine, hot chocolate and of course Christmas cookies.

If you want to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Christmas markets and the splendid views that Strasbourg, Prague and Vienna offer, you'll find all the details for registering here:

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