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Polymer Clay Workshop - France

Event sponsored by

polymer week

Join us to a creative vacation where every moment becomes an opportunity to explore the beautiful French Riviera, to expand your passion for polymer clay art and to make new friends.

Delia Gerendi will teach you to create “Seaside Serenity” earrings - a marine landscape depicted on a piece of jewelry. Using the “embroidery” technique on polymer clay, the delicate scenery will be constructed using tiny bits of polymer clay shaped by the tips of your fingers. All the details will be individually made, then skillfully arranged to take their place in the seascape with the help of a needle. Seems complicated, but be assured it's not as hard as it seems. It's a rewarding technique which doesn't require any previous training, but it will give you tremendous joy as you will see the piece you design come to life. If you are not a fan of earrings, you can let your creativity flow and design a pendant or a brooch.


Delia Gerendi is a great artist and teacher, her great passion is to experiment and push the limits of the possibilities that can be attempted using polymer clay. Most of her projects are spontaneous, guided by an idea or a sketch, developing during the creative process and going through multiple transformations until the final form.

She loves to share her knowledge by teaching various projects during her workshops or making photo tutorials.

In addition to her creative work, the artist is one of the writers of the Polymer Week publication, always looking for new talents and actively involved in numerous projects aimed at strengthening the community of artists working with polymer clay.



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